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Machine Washable Rugs 101

Machine washable rugs provide versatility and convenience to match any lifestyle and home decor. They are often manufactured from stain-resistant materials that can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. This includes living room area rugs, bathroom rugs, runner rugs, kid’s rugs, bedroom rugs—pretty much any rug in your home.

Some machine washable rugs are made from 100 percent organic cotton, since this is a durable material that can handle the deep clean a washing machine provides. Organic cotton rugs also use fewer resources for care and maintenance than regular cotton rugs, and their sturdy cotton fibers help them to retain their strength over time.

We’ve provided a list of commonly asked questions below regarding machine washable rugs to help you decide if purchasing one is the best choice for your lifestyle.

What Kinds of Rugs Can Be Washed?

First off, not all rugs are machine washable. Tossing a rug into the washer that isn’t fit for that type of care will cause serious damage to your rug’s fibers. Always check the care tag on your rugs - If they are listed as being machine washable, great! Throw them in the wash, use a gentle detergent, and tumble dry on low heat.

Are Machine Washable Rugs Better Than Other Rugs?

Deciding if machine washable rugs are better than other rugs really depends on the type of rug you prefer and the way that you’ll use it. Bathroom rugs and runner rugs are typically high-traffic rugs, and while they can be spot-cleaned as needed, it’s not a bad idea to have them cleaned every three to six months. So purchasing machine washable pieces for these spaces can make it convenient to give them a biannual deep clean without leaving your home, or paying for a professional hand-washing service. Don’t forget that larger rugs should be washed using an industrial-size machine (you can typically find one at your local laundromat).

One thing to note is that while being able to toss your rug into the washing machine saves time and money, rugs made from organic cotton will have some fading of color after several washes. This will give them a more lived-in look.

Reasons To Choose a Machine Washable Rug

There are so many benefits to using machine washable rugs! Including:


Spills are bound to happen on your rugs, this is especially true if you have kids and/or pets, but adults make messes, too. All you need to do is pick up your rug and place it in the washing machine. That’s it!


From long runner rugs, to small bathroom rugs, entryway rugs, and kids’ rugs—washable rugs come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll save money and time and be able to avoid using professional hand-washing services.


With our organic cotton washable rugs, we actually save water in production and there is a positive carbon impact with organic cotton emitting 46% less C02 than regular cotton. Organic cotton fibers retain their inherent strength, and organic cotton farmers don’t use any pesticides. However, polyester washable rugs can shed microplastics in the washing machine and enter into our water system, which carries human and aquatic animal health risks.

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Tips for Machine Washable Rugs

Before putting your rug in the washer, follow these key tips:

  • Wash your rug on a delicate setting
  • Add one tablespoon of gentle detergent
  • Line dry after the wash
  • Once dry, iron if desired
  • For area rugs 6x9 and larger, we recommend a 60-lb washing machine (you can find these at a laundromat)

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Additional Ways to Wash Your Rugs

Even if your rugs are machine washable, that doesn’t mean you need to throw them into the washing machine every week. Again, we recommend using the washing machine on them every three to six months. So here are other ways to clean your rugs:

Give Them Sunshine

Never underestimate the power of the sun. Before placing your rug in the washing machine you can let it sit in the sun for a few hours. This is especially helpful if your rug smells like smoke. We also recommend putting your rug outside in the sun once a year. Hang it in the sun for a few hours when it’s hottest, and flip it over midway through, to expose both sides to direct sunlight. This sun-bleaching helps further sanitize the wool and is a natural method to bleach and deodorizes it.

Vacuum It

Give your rug a good vacuum on both sides to remove dirt and grime. Just make sure to avoid using a rotary vacuum - the beater bars in a rotary vacuum (that rolling cylinder brush at the bottom) pry into the carpet fibers by pulling on the rug, thereby loosening dirt more efficiently. While this might sound great, the result is actually increased shedding, possible damage to the wool fibers, and reduced rug lifespan. It’s especially important to avoid vacuuming the fringes using a vacuum with a beater bar, as the bar will pull the fringes and might cause unevenness in the weave over time. It’s similar to what happens when a thread on your wool sweater gets caught on your nail.

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