Extra Large Rugs

9' x 12" and up

More about Extra Large Rugs

Choosing the Right Size

Selecting extra large area rugs for living room use, bedroom use, or any other room in the home should be done carefully because if the rug is too large it can have a negative impact on the look and feel of that room. So it's very important to take measurements of the area before you make your purchase.

How you position the rug is entirely up to you and extra large area rugs give you a number of different choices for placement in rooms that can accommodate floor coverings of oversize width and diameter. Center the rug if you wish or place it in a position that accentuates your furnishings or complements the interior décor of the room.

Caring for Extra Large Area Rugs

There are many factors to consider when cleaning an extra large area rug. For starters, how often should you do it? That largely depends on the number of people who live in the home and how much foot traffic the rug receives on a weekly basis. High traffic areas should have you vacuuming the rug at least once a week. This is particularly true for homes with children or pets.

But if this is a room that only one or two people enter on a somewhat occasional basis, you can probably maintain your area rug every two to four weeks.

Keep in mind the type of weave and materials used in the manufacturing process of your extra large area rug as some rugs may not respond well to vacuuming. You may need to beat the rug instead and that can be a challenge with extra large area rugs due to their size. Depending on the size, that could be a two person operation.

Consider rotating the rug every couple of months, especially if the rug is going to see moderate to high foot traffic. That way you can avoid placing uneven wear and tear on the surface of the rug and preserve the color and condition of the material.