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Premium Rug Pad
Premium Rug Pad

For safety and appearance, we highly recommend using a rugpad with flatweaves. This will prevent them from slipping and preserve their longevity.

1/8” thick; 100% recycled felt and natural rubber; safe for all floors; moisture and mildew resistant.

Three limited edition rugs, handwoven by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques in Mirzapur, India.

Handwoven in 2019 under Revival-made, Revival's line of new and bespoke products. Natural inconsistencies are inherent in these unique, handcrafted rugs.

Product Details
  • Only one of each size in stock!
  • 100% wool on cotton warp
  • Handwoven flatweave
  • Color palette: spiced pumpkin orange, evergreen, dove gray, navy, goldenrod yellow
Curator's Notes
  • A series of repeating medallions fill out the field in balanced, ornamental details
  • Artisanal and tribal, geometric designs feature angular edges and primitive shapes—like diamonds, squares, lattices, and stylized animals
  • A gazelle motif represents both grace and dignity
  • A minimalist, midcentury design with art deco elements

Our partner is the third weaving generation of his family, and heads a small weaving house known for their unparalleled skill. A perfectionist with color, he and his team take great pride in their work, which is evident in their final product.

Material Details

Wool is known for its beauty as well as its natural benefits. These include a hydrophobic layer which repels dust and dirt, and lanolin which both provides its trademark luster and protects the fiber from breaking or shedding. It's woven onto a sturdy cotton warp for added durability.

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