The Materials

Spun from a custom blend of the softest, strongest wool we could find—a mix of Sardinian, New Zealand, and Afghan wool.

The Design

Inspired by the rugs of nomadic tribes, who, limited by the size of their loom, would weave long narrow panels and join them together.

The Factory

Our factory partner is a generations-old weaving house in Northern India. They helped us obsess over every detail and experiment with traditional techniques.

Why Revival Made

The world of weaving has changed. We’re on a mission to revive time-honored weaving traditions.

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The Best of All Wools

We’ve not only made a custom blend of the strongest, softest wool we could find but also made sure to keep the dyeing to a minimum, to celebrate the natural benefits of the fibers. It’s something you would feel comfortable having your kids crawl around on.

Made to Last

In order to make it as long-lasting as possible—while still retaining the character and texture we love—we used a strong, machine-spun, workhorse-of-a-yarn to form the foundation and a beautifully textured handspun yarn for the part of the rug you see and walk on.