One-of-a-kind vintage rug, handwoven and handknotted in Gordes, Turkey

Dimensions: 3'5" x 5'4" (106 cm x 164 cm)

All rugs have been professionally cleaned; age-related wear and natural inconsistencies are inherent in these unique, handcrafted vintage rugs.

Product Details
  • One-of-a-kind vintage rug — only one in stock!
  • 100% wool
  • Dimensions: 3'5" x 5'4" (106 cm x 164 cm)
  • Color palette: powder blue, sandstone, lavender
Curator's Notes
  • Lined with a triplet of geometrically stylized Anatolian medallions
  • Simple, tribal, bold, and colorful motifs that originate from the Anatolian region that comprises the majority of modern-day Turkey
  • Geometrically stylized birds, possibly the mythical Phoenix or peacocks, illustrate regal beauty and splendor
Region of Origin

Gordes in Western Turkey has been an important center for weaving for centuries. It is also the town for which the Turkish knot, also known as the Gordes knot, is named.

Material Details

Wool is the most popular fiber used in Turkish rugs because it is supple, durable, and plentiful in supply.

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