A minimalist wool kilim, handwoven with geometric embroidery details.

Rug Type:
  • Flatweave Rugs

    Reversible rugs without pile, also known as kilims, made by hand-weaving horizontal weft yarns through vertical warp yarns

  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

Main Color:
  • Red
  • 100% wool
  • Flatweave: approximately .15" thick (3-4mm)
  • 3" hand-knotted fringe
  • Slight variations in size due to handmade nature
  • We recommend you pair this piece with a rug pad for comfort and longevity
  • Color palette: dark dusty rose pink, dusty rose pink, blush beige, sandstone
The Collection

Begüm Cana Özgür's collection for Revival highlights the rugs' handwoven quality. These pieces were designed with the goal of contributing to the tradition of rug-making culture through a contemporary vision. Driven by the value of craftsmanship, from the preparation of the materials to the finishing details, this collection reconfigures classical weaving technique for a modern audience.

The Design

Soumak weaving is a technique in which the weft is wrapped around the warp, giving the weaver the ability to draw free-flowing designs with interesting textures and directions in the weave. In this piece, the graphic quality of soumak stitching is enhanced by simplifying it: the delicate lines appear to float on the rug.

The Material

In this piece, a wool weft is woven onto a wool foundation for heft and body. But first, the wool is abrash-dyed to add depth, texture, and variation in tone. Abrash results from subtle differences in the dye lots, and creates a covetable flow and movement in the color. Wool's natural lanolin makes it soft and shiny, protecting it from shedding and dirt—and it decomposes quickly without risk of microfibers.

The Supplier

Our partner is the third weaving generation of his family, and heads a small weaving house known for their unparalleled skill. A perfectionist with color, he and his team take great pride in their work, which is evident in their final product.

The Designer

Begüm Cana Özgür is a product and textile designer based in Istanbul and New York. She received her master's degree in 3D Design from Cranbook Academy of Art, and returned to Istanbul to found her studio, inspired by Turkey's cultural richness and ancient craft practices. In her collaborations with local artisans, she strives to create a contemporary expression through traditional weaving culture.

  • We recommend that you regularly vacuum your rug to remove dirt and grime. Depending on how heavily your rug is used, just once or twice a month is adequate. Too much vacuuming can wear down the knots and fibers more quickly. If you have a suction attachment on your vacuum cleaner, use that instead of a rotary vacuum.
  • Every few months, you’ll also want to flip your rug over and vacuum the back to get the grit out of the foundation of the rug. It also helps to rotate your rug once a year to ensure even wear over time.
  • Every 3-5 years, we recommend getting your rug professionally hand-washed. Please do not take it to get steam or dry cleaned—this will almost certainly damage the rug! Hand-washing requires the use of a pH-balanced shampoo, worked into the rug by hand with a soft-bristled brush, before being rinsed thoroughly. This process should be repeated a few times.
  • In case of spills, use a paper towel or cloth to blot the liquid. Add some clean water sparingly to the spot to dilute the stain (or wet a paper towel or cloth) and blot. If the stain is persistent, try using a mild detergent. Repeat this process until the stain is removed.

Soumak Flatweave Rug

Natural Fiber
5' x 8'
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5' x 8'
Choose a Size
You do need a rug pad
Here's why

Why You Need a Rug Pad

While we recommend a rug pad for all rugs, they’re especially important for flatweaves, whose slim profile requires extra padding.

A rug pad prevents unwanted bunching and sliding, adds a subtle lift, and gives your rug a more cushioned feel underfoot.

Our rug pads are made of recycled felt and natural rubber, whereas lesser rug pads’ thin, sticky web can damage your flooring.

Moisture and mildew resistant, a rug pad stops dirt and grime from settling in your rug’s fibers.

The right rug pad

A must-have for flatweaves and other lower-pile pieces, a rug pad is the secret ingredient to maintaining your rug’s appearance and longevity. Width-wise, you’ll want to trim your rug pad so it’s 1-2” shorter than your rug on all four sides. Height-wise, we offer two premium rug pad options, both made of cozy recycled felt and natural rubber.

Image presenting low-profile rug padLow-profile Image presenting plush rug padPlush
Thickness 1/8" 1/5"
Best For

Light cushion for high traffic areas, layered rugs, and under doorways

Extra padding for playrooms, cozy living spaces, and kitchens

1/8" thick; 100% recycled felt and natural rubber. Trim with scissors for the perfect fit.

1/8" thick; 100% recycled felt and natural rubber. Trim with scissors for the perfect fit.

1/5" thick; 100% recycled felt and natural rubber. Trim with scissors for the perfect fit.

1/5" thick; 100% recycled felt and natural rubber. Trim with scissors for the perfect fit.

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Soumak KLM
5' x 8'

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