Turkish designer Gizem Yuce wanted to create a small dining table which was striking but straightforward, like a piece of sculpture that could stand strongly on its own. She believes that fine products made with the right materials are loved longer, and that way, become sustainable.

Product Type:
  • Furniture
  • White marble effect ceramic-coated MDF table top
  • Powder-coated matte black pedestal
  • Made in Turkey
  • Dimensions: 29”h x 31” table top diameter
  • Arrives in 2 packages
  • Package 1 dimensions: 17” x 17” x 34”
  • Package 2 Dimensions: 42” x 42” x 5”
  • Light assembly required — approximately 5 minutes
The Collection
By operating in-country we’ve been given unique exposure to furniture designers and makers — from artists, to artisan co-ops, to large houses who make items for luxury brands. We’re always seeking furniture which complements our rugs. So we made our own. We’re starting small; a refined edit of sculptural, simple pieces in which form and materials harmonize.

The Material

Sinterflex is a rich ceramic-based material traditionally used for coating in architecture. Durable, textured, and nearly ageless, it’s beginning to be used more and more in furniture for its hygienic, anti-scratch, colorfast, and stain-repellent properties.

The Supplier

Our partner is a robust manufacturing house in Ankara, Turkey, with a long history of furniture production. We selected them for their experience with this novel ceramic material and similar materials, as well as their comprehensive metal production abilities.


Pedestal Table - White

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