Handwoven by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques in Rabat, Morocco.

Product Type:
  • Basket
  • 100% reed fiber
  • Approximate diameter: 19.7” (50 cm)
  • Approximate height: 3.9” (10 cm)
  • Natural variations in size and color are inherent to all handwoven products
The Design

Traditionally across the Moroccan countryside for bread, which is covered in a cotton cloth, this elegant all-purpose vessel looks good everywhere, from countertop to side table to the floor of your room. We’re especially fond of its geometric handles.

The Material

Reed fiber is a staple and ubiquitous raw material from Morocco, which grows naturally in orchards and fields across the country alongside many other plants, almost like a weed. Its color changes depending on the season and how much sun it has gotten, so you’ll find there’s a range in shade even in one piece, from slightly green to golden yellow.

The Supplier

Our partner runs a very small co-op in Rabat, located in a craft marketplace known for pottery and basketwork. He inherited the tradition from his father, and now works with a team of 5 colleagues. Every step of their work is done by hand: harvesting, processing, and weaving the material into everyday art objects.

Handwoven Moroccan basket


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