Vastu Wool Rug

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Rug Description

A soft, luxurious wool rug with a minimalist geometric design.

Rug Type:
  • Hand-loomed Rugs

    Handwoven pile rugs made on a loom, with an innovative technique that lifts the warp yarn to create a pile that’s looped or cut

  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

Main Color:
  • Brown

Rug Details

  • 100% wool on 100% cotton foundation
  • Medium pile: approximately ⅓” thick (8-9mm)
  • Slight variations in size due to handmade nature
  • Natural shedding within the first month of use is to be expected - keep your non-rotary vacuum handy!
  • Color palette: camel, warm vanilla beige, graphite gray

Curator's Notes

The Collection
Superlight was inspired by architecture which facilitates the movement of light and air. A play of color, a sense of ease. Nothing is too studied, yet everything is rooted in classic proportion. The palette is drawn from Rajasthani architecture: pinks of Jaipur and blues of Jodhpur, faded haveli interiors, sandstone.

The Design

Each rug features a variation on a theme: lines inscribed in soft neutrals. Vastu is both simple and dynamic, with varied-size frames of blue and beige seeming to move on and off the field.

The Material

Cut-pile rugs with a soft, satisfying footfall and pleasing weight, the Superlight rugs are woven of wool from the Sarda sheep of the island of Sardinia, which is windswept and briny. Their wool is white, long, and warm, with a natural sheen. It’s tough, too: sturdy, wiry, and waterproof. We mix this with Indian wool for softness, and it’s hand-loomed onto a 100% cotton foundation for durability.

The Supplier

Our partner is a third-generation family-run weaving house in Bhadohi, India. They specialize in pile rugs, and their immense knowledge helped us improve construction for durability and less shedding. Their values are twofold: creating the highest-quality product and taking care of their team, supporting their weavers in whatever they need.

The Designer

Our in-house, all-star design team collaborates across three different countries. Based in Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Mumbai, they put a lot of thought into each and every collection they design. Starting with the weave itself, they determine material and technique, then create moodboards to capture the look and feel before starting to design. When designs are finalized, they work with the supplier on an extensive sampling process, perfecting each style and color before it goes to production.

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