Set of 3 raffia baskets, handwoven by skilled artisans in Morocco

Product Type:
  • Basket
  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

  • 100% raffia with leather detail
  • Sold in a set of 3
  • Small measures approximately: 7.5” diameter x 2.7” high
  • Medium measures approximately: 9” diameter x 2.7” high
  • Large measures approximately: 11.4” diameter x 2.7” high
  • Natural inconsistencies and slight variations in size are inherent to all handwoven products
The Design

A charming and functional set of flexible raffia baskets to clear up your clutter. We like to use these in the kitchen for produce, in the hallway to catch keys, or in the living room for magazines and remotes. We also like to combine a set of raffia and black on the bookshelf—cute and clean at once.

The Material

Palm fiber is a staple raw material from Morocco which achieves its golden hue and tensile strength from the sun. The freshly-cut palm leaves turn from green to gold as they’re sun dried for several days, and are then braided into strips which can then be woven. Raffia, from the raffia palm, is also sun-dried for texture and color, but left in thinner strips to be used as string or twine.

The Maker

Our partner is an artisanal cooperative located outside of Marrakech who specializes in handweaving and embroidery. Known for their updated spins on traditional Moroccan products, they share profits equally and have a school onsite so mothers can work. Their goal is to preserve traditional crafts and techniques, passing them along to younger generations through careful training.

Raffia basket trio


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