Wall Hangings

Like a rug for your walls, a wall hanging is the perfect art piece for textile-lovers. These soft and flexible fiber works add warmth to your room, with an added benefit of sound absorption. After a notable renaissance in the seventies, today  wall hangings are primarily decorative, but carry with them a history of utility, having been used for storytelling and insulation for centuries. 

More about Wall Hangings

A wall hanging is a piece of textile art which—you guessed it—hangs on a wall. Sometimes wall hangings were woven specifically to be displayed on the wall and sometimes wall hangings are pieces of textiles which have been reconstructed or recontextualized by being hung on the wall. Wall hangings are frequently handwoven, sometimes with techniques like macramé, and occasionally vintage or heirloom family textiles - for example, perhaps you have a rug which you love but which is wearing down. Hanging it on a wall will reduce the amount of wear and tear it experiences, preserving its life span. Do keep in mind when you hang a wall hanging that frequent or intense sun exposure can discolor most natural (and some synthetic) textiles. Wall hangings are made of many different materials, from wool to cotton to mixed-fibers. Because they don't need to stand up to the same wear-and-tear as rugs, weavers can use an even wider range of techniques and materials for these pieces.
There are many different types of wall hangings. Nomadic cultures used to weave wall hangings as means of decoration, sound proofing, and insulation. Today, wall hangings can serve similar purposes, helping to absorb sound by softening hard surfaces, and adding visual interest to your walls.
Wall hangings are simple to style, and can be used anywhere you would hang a non-textile piece of art. If the wall hanging is particularly large you might want to let it be the star of the wall, as a focal point with no surrounding pieces. In this vein, larger wall hangings make great statement or standalone pieces, and are particularly effective in an entryway, hallway, or even over a bed in place of a headboard. If your wall hanging is smaller, perhaps you add it to a gallery wall of photos, paintings, and other two dimensional mediums. Wall hangings add a welcome element of texture and depth to the rest of your art collection.