We started Revival because we felt that a one-of-a-kind rug shouldn’t cost a month’s rent.

Everywhere we looked for a rug — whether in person or online — there was a general lack of transparency, unreasonable prices, and poor-quality replicas. We didn’t have the money to spend thousands on the rugs we loved, but we also didn’t want to settle for something inferior.

With a can-do spirit, we immersed ourselves in a product we grew to deeply love. We sought out partners, artisans, and collaborators to help us learn the ins and outs of rug design, hand-construction, and history. And now we get to pass this knowledge (and these rugs) onto you.

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What we value


We believe that rugs have the power to transform a space. Rugs are art, and why shouldn’t art be enjoyed every day? We share a human instinct to love and improve our surroundings. We like to think that we’re helping you make a space that reflects who you are, where you’ve been, and what makes you happy.

What we value


Consumption doesn’t need to be conspicuous. We sell products that looked good 20-100 years ago, and will still look good 20-100 years from now. We help sustain cultural industries that we feel are too beautiful to lose. We like that a byproduct of this is waste reduction.

What we value


We believe in affordable luxuries. This means we rely on high-grade, long-lasting materials and intelligent processes. We select and produce pieces which “show the hand”, cultivate relationships to last, pay people fairly, and charge fair prices for our product.

What we value


We believe in good design in the truest sense of the phrase: it needs to be both functional and appealing. Rugs are meant to be used as well as looked at. Weaving originated as a way to create rugs and other textiles which were too expensive to buy. Rugs were made to add warmth and comfort, and to facilitate gathering.

We’re a small team with offices in Istanbul, Casablanca, Mumbai, and Oakland. We rely heavily on technology to stay in touch—so heavily, in fact, that we likely couldn’t have existed 20 years ago.

Our co-founders are from the US and Turkey, a country with a beautiful and impressive history of rug making. In Turkey, we began traveling to remote cities notable for their weaving industries, building a network of artisans and collectors to supply beautiful, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Back in Oakland, we designed a website and opened a warehouse so we could sell these pieces to you online, and ship them from the US.

As a company, we believe listening is important. When our customers requested newly made rugs, we opened an office in India. We began developing new designs and producing rugs of quality, made responsibly in small batches, with tried-and-true techniques and long-lasting materials. And when our customers emailed us about vintage rugs in various styles, we opened an office in Casablanca, and started sourcing vintage in Morocco. // As we’ve grown, our values have remained the same. We believe that buying beautiful, well-made rugs should be smooth, transparent, and affordable. We continue to produce and handpick a carefully curated selection of rugs and bring them to your door, minus the mark-up.

How It Works

With operations in the US, Turkey, Morocco, and India, we visit our suppliers regularly to make sure our products meet our quality specifications, and that workers are treated fairly. We simplify the process, eliminating steep markups and costs that don’t add value.

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