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What's an area rug? An area rug is just a rug, as opposed to wall-to-wall carpeting. The most important part of choosing an area rug is making sure the size is right. This means the first step, always, is measuring your room, so you can begin to understand what area rug dimensions could work here. Your first option is to purchase an area rug which encompasses the entirety of the room. Extra-large area rugs should be at least 2' smaller length and widthwise than your room - this way, there will be at least 1' between the wall and the rug. We prefer there to be even more space than that, so we'd advise you to purchase something that leaves 2' from wall to area rug, which means you're looking for an area rug that is 4' smaller than the room on both sides. However, maybe you're looking for something smaller, which doesn't fill up your entire room but instead only encompasses the furniture. Then the rules start to vary. But generally, the most helpful rule of thumb when it comes to your space is to prioritize space with each of your design decisions. This means give each of your items, be they rug or furniture, ample space to breathe. This might mean, in smaller spaces, having less furniture or smaller furniture - or a smaller rug. When placing furniture on the rug, allow for space between the edge of the rug and the furniture legs. You don't want furniture legs right on the edge of the rug, but about 6" in from the edge. At Revival, we prefer natural fiber area rugs, which is why we sell pieces that are made of wool, cotton, and jute. We also prefer affordable area rugs—as you go up in size, theses pieces can become quite expensive, but we sell area rugs in all sizes for fair prices.