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The Design

Our collaboration with designer and weaver Begüm Cana Özgür features textured, thoughtful kilims inspired by heritage weaving practices.

The Materials

Handwoven wool is abrash-
dyed for depth, texture, and variation in tone; creating a covetable flow and movement in the color.

The Weaving House

Our partner is a small weaving house run by a third-generation expert craftsman. We’re in awe of his highly attuned eye for color and tone.

Begüm Cana Özgür, designer and weaver, in her own words:

“My background is in interior architecture, and I got my Master's in 3D design at Cranbrook Academy of Art. It's an old school, a lot of mid-century modernist (designers) came from there. So it has a heritage, but the education there is very open, and they let you explore. That's how I got into textiles. I liked playing with yarns and felt and wool because I could control it with my fingers. I started spending most of my time at fiber studio, I learned weaving, dyeing and all that stuff there.”

Then I graduated and came back to Istanbul. I was still very excited about exploring weaving, and we have the tradition here, all the weavers, all the suppliers are in my reach. I wanted to explore more; I started making samples, more experimental things—and eventually, we went into production.”

“I'm always seeking an emotional quality in the products. Textile is a great medium to explore that subject.”

“You start to experience the piece and the softness or hardness, the surface quality, the color, it makes connections with your subconscious mind and brings memories, and you don't really know what they are. It becomes a part of your inner world. Color, pattern, texture, these are the things that trigger the imagination. Warmth.”