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The Materials

These pieces are flatwoven with a soft blend of yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, which are sorted, washed, crushed, and melted into fibers.

The Design

Classic plaids, expanded to a point of near-pixelation. Reminiscent of the lawn sports they’re named for, but with a clever, updated twist.

The Weaving House

We partnered with a small, family-run company who put their flatweave expertise to use on majestic looms made of hundred-year-old timber.

Fun Fact
A 5'x8' rug contains about 460-500 recycled plastic bottles.

How could yarn this soft come from recycled plastic bottles?

Step 1

Plastic containers are collected at recycling centers; then sorted by color and treated to remove any harmful particles.

Step 2

Caps and labels are removed. Bottles are washed, crushed, and chopped into flakes.

Step 3

Plastic flakes are melted into small, uniform pellets.

Step 4

Pellets are melted again and extruded into fibers, which are cut, stretched, bonded together into longer strands, and then compressed into bales.

Step 5

Fibers are removed from bales, spun into yarn, and sent to textile mills.