Made of recycled plastic bottles, our first collection of outdoor rugs looks just as good indoors, too—and is good for the environment.

Rug Type:
  • Flatweave Rugs

    Reversible rugs without pile, also known as kilims, made by hand-weaving horizontal weft yarns through vertical warp yarns

  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

Main Color:
  • Gray
  • 100% recycled P.E.T. (polyethylene terephthalate, i.e. polyester)
  • Flatweave (about 3-4mm thick)
  • Hand-tied self-fringe on two sides
  • Color palette: charcoal, graphite gray, slate gray, silvery gray
  • Slight variations in size due to handmade nature
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The Collection

Outside In is a collection of sturdy, water-resistant outdoor rugs which are soft and stylish enough for indoors. But they don’t just look good: they do good. Made of recycled plastic bottles which have been transformed into fiber, these rugs are sustainably-minded, helping to beautify the planet as they beautify your patio (or bedroom).

The Design

A witty update on classic lawn sport attire, these rugs feature an expanded plaid full-field design. Pétanque is a cozy, neutral mix of deep grays.

The Material
These pieces are flatwoven by hand with recycled polyester called polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for short. A soft and sustainable fiber with the look and feel of wool, recycled PET is highly durable and easily cleaned, which means your rug is mildew-resistant. It’s made by sorting, washing, and melting recycled plastic, which would normally end up in landfills. A 5’x8’ rug contains about 460-500 recycled plastic bottles.

The Maker

We partnered with a small, family-run weaving house known for their flatweave expertise. They’re Craftmark-certified, which means they meet stringent national standards for socially responsible handmade products. Many of their weavers have been with them for as long as 30 years. To visit their factory is to be steeped in its personal history, from the walls of photographs honoring their lineage, to the majestic, hundred-year-old timber looms they still use today.

The Designer

Our in-house, all-star design team collaborates across three different countries. Based in Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Delhi, they put a lot of thought into each and every collection they design. Starting with the weave itself, they determine material and technique, then create moodboards to capture the look and feel before starting to design. When designs are finalized, they work with the supplier on an extensive sampling process, perfecting each style and color before it goes to production.

  • Shake gently to remove debris, and clean regularly using non-rotary vacuum.
  • Rotate on occasion to ensure even wear over time.
  • Wash after 1-2 years of use by brushing lightly with slightly soapy water, or rinsing off with a hose.
  • When spot cleaning, scrub softly: too much rubbing can cause pilling.
  • Please note that the Outside In rugs can retain moisture if not dried completely.
  • If your rug is outdoors and becomes exposed to heavy rain, we recommend letting the rug hang to dry.
  • Do not dry clean, machine wash or machine dry.


Pétanque Flatweave Outdoor Rug

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