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These pieces embody much of what we value: handmade attention, heritage techniques, and imperfections with character. While rugs will always be our first love, we’re thrilled to expand into useful decor to complement that foundation.

Recycled Modern Glassware

In Marrakech, recycled glass is melted and reshaped into elegant drinking vessels by the traditional technique of mouth-blowing. The result is a delicate but sturdy collection of glasses and carafes, each with a translucent aqua tint.

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Naga Table Runners

In Nagaland, these exquisitely embroidered cotton pieces have been handwoven for centuries. Working at home on loin and backstrap looms, the weavers move in the same way their ancestors did, speaking an ancient language of the hand, preserving memory through muscle.

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Handwoven Palm Placemats & Basket

Across Morocco, reed and palm fiber are plentiful. After they're harvested, both fibers are dried in the sun for tensile strength and golden color.In addition to handwoven placemats, we found a basket traditionally used for bread, kept fresh in a cotton cloth.

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