Kids' Room and Nursery Rugs

More about Kids' Room and Nursery Rugs

When you are selecting a rug for the nursery, certain factors play an important role in your decision such as color, size, and shape. But perhaps the most critical attribute to consider is the type of fiber you choose for the rug. After all, the rug needs to be durable to take on the kinds of wear and tear that typically occur inside of a nursery while also remaining comfortable and safe for your baby.

What types of rugs are best for a baby nursery?

The following are some of the fiber choices that work very well as nursery area rugs because they are easy to clean and work as attractive components of your nursery room décor.


You will find a majority of baby room rugs in this natural fiber that is easily washable and reacts very well to vacuuming. When it comes to finding soft nursery rugs, cotton fiber is one of our top selling products because these rugs are comfortable, breathable, and available in a wide variety of sizes and patterns to match any type of décor.


While you may not immediately consider jute a suitable fiber for a baby nursery, it's an ideal option for a rug that can stand up to the abuse that nursery room rugs typically see in their lifetime. Jute is an environmentally friendly fiber that can be spot cleaned with ease and take on higher levels of foot traffic, but it's also not all that soft so you might want to consider this fiber if you don't expect to have your infant crawling on the floor very much.


Another natural and eco-friendly fiber choice that is affordable and easy to maintain. As nursery area rugs go, this will hold up well under high traffic use. But much like jute this is a rug that is best for décor and functionality instead of comfort. Your baby will likely prefer the warmth and softness of cotton over sisal. You can find sisal blend nursery area rugs to make the material more comfortable.

Which rugs are good for nursery durability?

When you are choosing baby room rugs, the top priority is safety. If it's not a safe material for your infant, you do not want it in your nursery. After that, you want a nursery rug that offer exceptional durability. Babies can be very messy. These fibers provide a combination of safety and durability to make your nursery room area rug the perfect fit for your child's room.


This is one of the best fibers to meet the standards of both durability and safety for baby room rugs. Polyester is a synthetic option that offers exceptional stain resistance and comfort. So your baby can crawl all over the material and you need not worry about cleaning up in the event an accident occurs. You can also find polyesters made of recycled plastic, which is good for the environment as well as the nursery.


Another synthetic fiber that provides top-notch stain resistance and durability while remaining soft, warm, and cozy enough for baby to enjoy crawling on. You can find olefin rugs in many colors and patterns and these types of rugs are also very affordable

Do you need a rug in the nursery?

You may not think having a rug in a kids room is such a great idea, especially with babies who cause all kinds of messes that can be ruinous to floor coverings. But that's the exact reason why you should have a rug in the nursery. Spills and spit-up are going to hit the floor, you just need to accept it and move on. Just be sure to choose a rug that is washable, easy to vacuum, and offers stain and scuff resistance.

A nursery rug can also make those cold hardwood floors a whole lot more warm and inviting for both you and your baby. You'll appreciate having those fibers under your feet when you need to soothe the baby at 3am or your little one has the wiggles and wants to go exploring around the room.

Is a wool rug good for a nursery?

Wool is one of those materials that customers automatically assume is high maintenance and easy to damage. But that is simply not true. This is a fiber that actually does very well in the nursery due to its durability and natural resistance to stains that can get on the surface of the material over the course of any day with a baby. Wool is also soft to the touch so your child will want to spend time on it. These rugs do require some level of routine maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best and they can be a bit more expensive than other types of rugs.


We have a lot of favorite rugs here at Revival, but there are some types of rugs we come back to again and again. Jute rugs , for instance, for their color, texture, and strength, and their easy flexibility. Plus, jute is an eco-conscious crop, so these rugs are good for the planet. We also love washable rugs : our Recess collection of rugs is designed to be thrown in the washing machine. Runners (sometimes you’ll hear people call these “runner rugs” ) are probably our most favorite size of rugs: thanks to their slimmer size, you can put them everywhere—and they’re more affordable, too.