Kids' Room and Nursery Rugs

Handwoven vintage rugs for kids rooms or the nursery, available in different colors and styles.
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More about Kids' Room and Nursery Rugs

How to choose a rug for kids' rooms, or the perfect rug for the new baby's nursery?
Choosing a rug for children's rooms, or baby's nurseries, isn't so different than choosing one for "grown up" rooms—except maybe you can have a little more fun! Rugs for kids' rooms should be durable, playful, affordable, and timeless. You'll want a rug that can grow with your kids, a rug that looks as good in their room when they are 5 as when they are 15 - or even 25! Well-made rugs can easily become family heirlooms, so you'll want to find a kids' room rug made with integrity. This means it is handwoven with natural materials which have proven themselves to withstand the test of time, and hopefully a design which feels eternal as well. You have a lot to choose from with the materials and textures of kids' room rugs. Sturdy materials we trust include jute, wool, and cotton. Make sure your rug is woven by hand instead of a machine. Texture-wise it can be nice to have something softer and higher pile in the new baby's nursery, especially as they learn to crawl. Look for a shag or plush hand-knotted rug, in this case. Shag rugs are great because they're cozy, durable, and pack a lot of personality. It's sort of like having a stuffed animal, but all across your floor. In terms of rug style for a kid's room, it's nice to get something playful and joyous. We like colorful vintage rugs like boucherouites or chaputs, or rugs with folkloric motifs which will appeal especially to a child's imagination, like animals and people. Or maybe a whimsical pattern that still seems sophisticated, like a checkerboard, polka dots, or stripes. Similarly, you can go wild with color for kids' room rugs. Find a really bright overdyed rug, a rug with vibrant accent hues, or a rug with primary colors.