Round Rugs

More about Round Rugs

Round rugs are much rarer than rectilinear ones, so when we find them, we scoop them up! A general round rug size guide is that you want your round rug to fit spaciously in the room in which you place it, leaving enough space between the wall and the rug - just like rectangular or square rugs. Thus, the golden rule holds: measure both your room and your rug to make sure the size is right! In fact, the round rug styling rules are not so different from those for square and rectangular rugs. In a living room or family room, ideally you'll get at least part of the furniture pieces in the seating area to touch the rug. Round rugs are great accent rugs as opposed to area rugs, and can look cute in transitional spaces. Styling a round rug at the end of a room, by the windows, underneath a round occasional table is a favorite move of ours. Round rugs are also good as dining area rugs, again underneath a round dining table, since the lines mimic each other. Just make sure there's enough room on the rug for guests to pull their chairs out without going off of the rug—which means whether round or rectilinear, your rug should extend at least 2’-3’ around all edges of the table. This prevents the chairs from awkwardly going off the rug when they’re pushed back as you sit down or stand up. Round rugs can also look cute in a small bedroom or den, underneath a twin bed or daybed. In this instance you'll want a good 1'-2' of the rug to be positioned under the bed, allowing the bulk of it to fan out from underneath like a half moon. Finally, round rugs are great for playrooms because of their circular shape and its whimsical, playful undertones.