Rug Pads

More about Rug Pads

What is a rug pad? Honestly, its our favorite rug hack. It upgrades your rug instantly and makes it feel twice as luxurious. It's also just a pad that goes under your rug. and its purpose is to protect three things:

1. Your rug. A rug pad helps lengthen their lifespan and quality, because it prevents direct contact with the floor, shielding it from dust and other particles. And it helps the rug lay flat, so it doesn't bunch. A good-quality rug pad will help extend the life of your rug. Rug pads keep rugs stationary, ensuring they don’t rub unnecessarily along the floor.

2. Your floor. Similarly, this extra layer of padding between your rug and floor cushions your floor from any furniture placed atop it.

3. You! This is the real reason to invest in a rug pad. It prevents rugs from slipping, thus preventing you (or your guests, or your children) from slipping, too. We strongly recommend it, especially for flatweaves, which in particular can become slippery (and dangerous) without one.

Also, having a rug pad will also allow for more noise absorption in the room, and give the rug a more cushioned, plusher feel under your feet. There are dozens of options available, from thick to thin, made of all sorts of non-skid materials. Now that we've convinced you, a few straightforward guidelines.

How to use a rug pad: You want the rug pad to be 1-2" shorter than the rug, so it remains hidden but anchors the majority of the rug evenly. You can buy them slightly large and then modify them to fit your piece exactly - they're easy to cut to size and customize yourself.
We prefer the thicker felt ones, because they add more cushion and don't get stuck to your floor.

That's why we sell premium rug pads in various sizes, which are 1/8” thick, and made of recycled felt and natural rubber (so that they don't damage your floors). Please note that our rug pads cannot be returned for hygienic reasons, unless there is a product defect. You may refer to our returns policy for more details.
If you're layering rugs, you may not need a rug pad. With two or more rugs, they're usually heavy enough that they remain in place on their own, especially if there is furniture to help weigh them down.