Red Rugs

A wide variety of red rugs from rust to burgundy to fire engine to scarlet

More about Red Rugs

Red rugs are quite versatile and elegant, whether small or large. Red rugs achieve their hue through a variety of types of dye, from insects like cochineal or lac, to flowers like hibiscus, to sycamore bark, roots from madder or beets, or red elderberries. Red, it turns out, is an easy color to style, from lighter or orangier red to dark red, because it's at once modern and traditional and fits with just about anything. We like using red area rugs in kids' rooms because it's so bright and fun! And yet, these rugs are naturally sophisticated, especially darker shades, like ruby or burgundy, which makes them ideal in living rooms or dining rooms, especially as the rich or deeper shades like wine red will do wonders to hide any accidental wine stains. Red Persian rugs are also excellent for living rooms or dining rooms, as their classic designs were once in the palaces of kings and queens, so they add a regal air to any room they land in. Bright shades of red like cherry or fiery orangey-red, or red rugs with wild constructions like shag or vintage Moroccan are perfect for adding a witty or insoucient vibe to your room. These are good in playrooms, kids' rooms, studies, or anywhere you need a dash of eclectic design. Red runners are particularly charming, adding a vibrant air to a hallway, entryway, or kitchen. You can find a red rug that will look good with any style of decor, from classic to contemporary to bohemian to a mix of all three. Red looks good with many different color schemes: able to hold their own against bright colorful decor, or liven up a more neutral or earthy palette.