Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are our favorite way to be sustainable. Handwoven rugs made with strong and elegant materials can last for decades when they are well cared-for. Our selection of high-quality vintage pieces were each handpicked across Turkey and Morocco.

More about Vintage Rugs

What is a vintage rug? Vintage rugs are rugs that were made over 20 years ago. According to most experts, “vintage” (sometimes also referred to as semi-antique) is used to describe something that’s at least 20 years old, but less than 100 years old. It’s not antique yet, but still a long-treasured piece that has been carefully worn and stood the test of time. “Antique” rugs refers to an item that is more than 100 years old. This is also the legal definition that US Customs uses. We’re sure that with proper care, our vintage rugs will become antique pieces that your family will treasure for years to come.

Recently, the term “vintage” has been improperly used to describe new items that mimic designs of an older era. For example, you’ll often find vintage-style rugs and runner rugs made with new materials, but purposely faded or printed to approximate the natural aesthetic that has taken a real vintage rug decades to achieve. At Revival, we stay true to the traditional definition. Our vintage rugs come in many styles, colors, constructions, and sizes. There are infinite types of vintage rugs, depending on how you categorize them and how closely you're looking. For example, in Turkey alone there are at least 50 different styles of vintage rug when you classify them by origin, which affects their design. We source our vintage rugs across Turkey and Morocco, two parts of the traditional "rug belt" which remain notable centers of weaving today. Vintage rugs are a fast, and in our case, affordable, way to add an element of texture or interest to a room, especially if the majoirity of your furniture, or your home, feels newer. Using a vintage rug quickly grounds the room, letting the furniture shine without competing. Our vintage rugs are all handwoven, which means they telegraph a feeling of quality and craftmanship that's often missing from the modern marketplace.