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The Materials

Cut-pile rugs with a soft, satisfying footfall and pleasing weight, the Ombré Collection is woven of Sardinian wool, beloved for its sturdy, white fibers.

The Details

A subtle spin on a traditional ombre, their gradient fades vertically as opposed to the standard horizontally, making you look twice.

The Weaving House

Our partner is a third-generation family-run weaving house who specializes in handwoven plush pile rugs, having perfected their technique for 50 years.

What’s so great about wool?

Unparalleled for centuries in the weaving world, this natural fiber has remarkable properties.


Lanolin provides its trademark luster and softness, repels dust and dirt, and protects the fiber from breaking, shedding, and staining.

The Original Smart Textile

A hygroscopic fiber, wool reacts to its surrounding temperature, becoming cooling in warm temperatures and warming in cool temperatures.

Strength and Elasticity

Easily reused and recyclable, wool fibers can bend back on themselves up to 20,000 times without breaking. With proper care and repairs, it will stand the test of time.


Wool breaks down quickly, returning its nutrients to the soil without releasing plastic microfibers into the environment, like its synthetic competitors.


Because a sheep’s fleece grows back after shearing, wool is a natural, renewable fiber. After hemp, it consumes less energy and has a smaller carbon footprint than other textile fibers.