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The Materials

We used recycled polyester for sturdiness, sustainability, and softness. The best part? It’s machine washable, which means when these rugs get dirty, cleaning them up is a cinch.

The Design

Their motifs are carved out in relief for a tone-on-tone effect, inspired by the smoothness of seashells eroded over time, imprints of waves on sand, and the organic textures of corals.

The Weaving House

Over 50 years ago, our partner in Gaziantep, Turkey, began as a small family-owned operation with only two looms. Today, they’re an award-winning leader in weaving technology.

Sustainability Secrets

Our partner in Gazientep, Turkey, buys leftover polyester from a company who manufactures polyester for a variety of needs: everyday appliances, medical devices, cars, and textiles.


Medical Devices



Adds up to...

Recycled Rug

Instead of letting the leftover material go to waste, our partner transforms it into washable rugs that are softer than you can imagine.