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The Material

We used OEKO-TEX certified cotton that feels cool to the touch but keeps you warm in winter. At a 300-thread count, they’ve got the right weight.

The Design

Dyed in small batches and vintage-washed for immediate softness, this collection has a textured and relaxed feel that normally takes years to achieve.

The Weaving House

Our Istanbul office didn’t rest until they found the perfect partner. Our supplier even built their own facility to invest in high-quality yarn production.

for Revival

Our three patterns were designed in collaboration with Jen Garrido of textile brand Jenny Pennywood

“I have always loved the scale of bedding. I start all patterns by making lots of ink drawings on white paper with a focus on line quality. I usually make lots of drawings that I compose into one pattern, so a single pattern is actually multiple drawings. With Weave, I wanted something with delicate lines that felt like it flowed. Checks is a spin on a popular pattern, with more movement. For Palm I started this pattern with the idea of dynamism and texture. I had no vision about how it would unfold, I just drew and we came to this.”




Bedding 101


Thread Count

The higher thread count you have, the more dense the material. At a certain point, this means the textile becomes less breathable, which you don't want for bedding. It can also represent inaccurate quality: some brands double or even triple up on thread to achieve a higher thread count, which can sometimes mean they’re using lower-quality cotton, and in fact need to double or triple the thread for durability. At 300, we tried to reach the perfect balance between breathability and body, making casual luxury affordable.


Small Batch Dyeing

Batch dyeing, sometimes called piece dyeing or exhaust dyeing, means each piece was woven before being dyed, unlike yarn dyeing, in which the yarn is dyed before it’s woven. Each sheet, pillowcase, and duvet cover was constructed and then plunged into a dye bath, where they’re agitated to fully migrate dye molecules into the piece of fabric. Batch dyeing can result in a more nuanced color, which was important to us for this collection: it needed to feel strong but not overwhelming.



Percale refers to a type of weave: a classic one-over, one-under. It’s identifiable by its cool, crisp feel and matte appearance. Durable and breathable, it’s used frequently in sheeting because it doesn’t pill, and softens with every use. In fact, standard percale can feel stiff for the first few washes, but we’ve solved that problem. See “garment wash.”


Garment Wash

If a textile has been garment washed, it means it’s been pre-washed to make the fibers as soft as possible, and to prevent shrinking. It also adds an inviting texture: they have a lived-in feel, reminiscent of linen. It warms up the crisp percale, and bridges the gap between your favorite bedding qualities, and is good for cold sleepers, hot sleepers, summers and winters alike.

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