Mixed-fiber flatweave rug

Rug Type:
  • Flatweave Rugs

    Reversible rugs without pile, also known as kilims, made by hand-weaving horizontal weft yarns through vertical warp yarns

  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

Main Color:
  • Brown
  • Viscose, wool and polyester on polyester foundation
  • Latex cotton backing
  • Jacquard-woven flatweave (⅓” or 9mm thick)
  • Color palette: puce brown, tan, camel, sandstone, taupe
  • Slight variations in size and hue due to nature of construction
The Collection

Inspired by, you guessed it, the shape of a prism, this collection is designed with lighting in mind. The small, geometric crystal motifs on these rugs create a gamut of colors, just as white light becomes a rainbow when it passes through a prism. Its weave makes the rich, gleaming shapes seem to transform. Lest you think this rug is flashy, we’ve got you covered: the jewel-like geographies are cut small, grounded amidst a wide, neutral field.

The Design

The beauty of these pieces is their shapeshifting. Unlike your standard ombre where the overall wash fades from one color to the next, these rugs read like dappled light. For such simple motifs, they dance on the floor, like light shimmers and shakes through a prism. Each design and colorway changes differently. Amici’s design features a series of upright triangles. Sounds simple, right? But the colors flow, moving in a sweep from left to right within the motifs.

The Material

In this piece, wool, viscose, and polyester are blended for texture and vibrancy. Wool has a hydrophobic layer which repels dust and dirt, as well as lanolin, which provides its trademark luster and protects the fiber from breaking or shedding. Viscose is extremely soft and durable, and beloved for its pleasing drape and ease in dying. Here it adds a subtle, shifting, silk-like sheen. A semi-synthetic plant material, it’s derived from cellulose, which is the main element in plant cell walls. Finally, these are combined with mildew-resistant polyester and a latex cotton backing for stability and strength.

The Maker

Our supplier got their start over 3 decades ago in yarn production. When they expanded into weaving, this material foundation gave them a distinct advantage, granting full control over the yarn quality and consistency of their handwoven rugs. They’ve always been a step ahead in innovation, collaborating with providers worldwide to procure the best raw material and machinery.

The Designer

Our in-house, all-star design team works across Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Mumbai. Starting with the weave itself, they determine the collection material, technique, and mood. When designs are finalized, they conduct an extensive sampling process, perfecting each style and hue before it goes to production.

  • Clean regularly with a non-rotary, low powered vacuum, preferably without a beater brush
  • Rotate your rug on occasion to ensure even wear over time
  • Keep away from excessive moisture
  • Do not dry or steam clean. Professional cleaning recommended as needed

Amici in topaz Flatweave Rug


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