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Coro Hand-knotted Rug

8'0" x 10'3" (243 cm x 312 cm)

Rug Description

Abstract rug of recycled sari silk, hand-knotted in 2021 by skilled artisans in Agra, India

Dimensions: 8'0" x 10'3" (243 cm x 312 cm)

Natural inconsistencies are inherent in these unique, handcrafted rugs

Rug Type:
  • Hand-knotted Rugs

    Sturdy pile rugs meticulously woven by hand, with individually hand-tied knots, so no two are exactly alike

  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

Main Color:
  • Pink

Rug Details

  • One-of-a-kind new rug — only one in stock!
  • Recycled sari silk & wool on a cotton foundation
  • Dimensions: 8'0" x 10'3" (243 cm x 312 cm)
  • Fringe: measures 0.4" x 0.4" (1 cm x 1 cm)
  • Low pile: approximately 0.2" (1 cm)
  • Color palette: magenta, bubblegum pink, dove gray, crimson red, electric blue
  • Curator's Notes

    The Collection

    Handwoven with silk thread from thousands of recycled saris, those staples of Indian culture which date back to 2800 BCE. In this collection, silk saris are taken apart thread by thread. Artisans sort the threads by color, and spin them into a yarn of hundreds of shades, giving it an incredible depth and range of hue.

    • A concentric floral pattern mimics a lush garden or field of flowers
    • Abrash adds visual depth and texture in its variation in color and tone
    • This piece features a handsome, hand-twisted fringe
    The Maker

    Our partner, based in Agra, is a second-generation rug-maker whose father started the business in the late 1970’s when the area experienced a weaving renaissance. Known for their high quality and the uniqueness of their product, they make it a point not to research the online presence of their customers or other rug-makers, to avoid tunnel vision, and to expand the possibilities of innovation.

    Material Details

    Sari silk yarn is made by removing individual threads from recycled silk saris, then sorting these threads by color group - so a pile of red yarn might have hundreds of different shades of red, which, when spun together, gives a beautiful depth of tone which can’t be recreated by dyeing. In this piece, recycled sari silk is combined with wool for softness and texture, and added to a cotton foundation for durability.

    How to Style This Rug

    Extra-large rugs bigger than 7’ x 10’ help define larger spaces.

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