Luxurious shag rug with New Zealand wool

Rug Type:
  • Hand-loomed Rugs

    Handwoven pile rugs made on a loom, with an innovative technique that lifts the warp yarn to create a pile that’s looped or cut

  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

Main Color:
  • Cream
  • 100% New Zealand wool on wool and cotton foundation
  • Plush pile: approximately 1-1.5” thick (25-38 mm)
  • Slight variations in size due to handmade nature
  • Color palette: cream, taupe
The Collection

The idea with the Dream Collection was to showcase the weave, its form and feel, without any color. In person, these patterns appear even more subtle. These white shag rugs have a soft hand courtesy of premium New Zealand wool, which we triple-wash to open up the yarn, making the rug remarkably fluffy. Because it’s white-on-white, the effect is dreamlike, hallucinatory. Did you imagine that pattern, or is it still there?

The Design

Inspired by the architectural tapestries of weaver James Koehler and the ghost-like paintings of Ed Moses, cut-pile shag shapes are softly carved into its ground, like snow angels. In this piece, the higher pile is 1.5 inches and the lower pile is 1 inch. Poem has a shifting, slipping loose checkerboard pattern that transforms into central ziggurats.

The Material

This rug has a plush pile of New Zealand wool, a premium wool beloved for its softness and long fibers. Like all wools, it has a hydrophobic layer which repels dust and dirt, as well as lanolin, which provides its trademark luster and protects the fiber from breaking or shedding. In this collection, it’s handwoven onto a cotton and wool foundation for flexibility and durability.

The Maker

Our partner is a third-generation family-run weaving house in Bhadohi, India. They specialize in plush pile rugs, and their immense knowledge helped us improve construction for durability and less shedding. Their values are twofold: creating the highest-quality product and taking care of their team, supporting their weavers in whatever they need.

The Designer

Our in-house, all-star design team collaborates across three different countries. Based in Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Mumbai, they put a lot of thought into each and every collection they design. Starting with the weave itself, they determine material and technique, then create moodboards to capture the look and feel before starting to design. When designs are finalized, they conduct an extensive sampling process, perfecting each style and color before it goes to production.

    • Dust and dirt that accumulate in your rug can erode the fibers over time. The best way to combat this is to take your rug outside and give it a good shake every couple of weeks. Depending on how large it is, you may need to recruit a friend to help. Also, be sure to get a rug pad—this helps to preserve your rug.
    • If shaking it out isn’t possible, you can vacuum it instead—just be cautious, and don’t use a rotary vacuum, because it can damage the fibers. Once or twice a month, use the suction attachment gently, from side to side. Once or twice a year, flip your rug over and vacuum the back. To ensure equal wear and protect against walk patterns, change your rug's direction periodically.
    • Once a year, let it sunbathe. Hang it in the sun for a few hours when it’s hottest, and flip it over midway through, to expose both sides to direct sunlight. This sun-bleaching helps further sanitize the wool. It’s a natural method to bleach and deodorize it.
    • Every 3-5 years, we recommend getting your rug professionally hand-washed. Please do not take it to get steam or dry cleaned—this will almost certainly damage the rug! Hand-washing requires the use of a pH-balanced shampoo, worked into the rug by hand with a soft-bristled brush, before being rinsed thoroughly. This process should be repeated a few times.
    • In case of spills, use a paper towel or cloth to blot the liquid. Add some clean water sparingly to the spot to dilute the stain (or wet a paper towel or cloth) and blot. If the stain is persistent, try using a mild detergent. Repeat this process until the stain is removed.

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