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3'0" x 5'0" (93 cm x 153 cm)


A piece with a special past: handmade and crafted of 100% recycled hemp from vintage rugs. Embroidered in Revival’s own design in wool yarn of pastel tones, the resulting panels are asymmetrically assembled to create a wall hanging rich in texture and character. 100% hemp with wool embroidery, flatweave; vintage handwoven Konya, Turkey

Dimensions: 3'0" x 5'0" (93 cm x 153 cm)

Zivko has been professionally cleaned; age-related wear and natural inconsistencies are inherent in these unique, handcrafted vintage rugs.

Product Type:
  • Kilim

    Flatwoven, pileless rugs that often have distinctive geometric patterns and contrasting bright colors.

  • Vintage

    Typically between 20-100 years old

Product Details

  • One-of-a-kind vintage wall hanging — only one in stock!
  • Hemp foundation with wool embroidery
  • Dimensions: 3'0" x 5'0" (93 cm x 153 cm)
  • Color palette: cream, dusty rose pink, baby blue, golden olive, chartreuse, walnut brown

Curator's Notes

  • Directional design or color gradients with purposeful asymmetry and movement
  • A variation of motifs—simple, tribal, bold, and colorful—all hailing from the Anatolian region (modern-day Turkey)
  • A minimalist, midcentury design with art deco elements
Region of Origin

Konya is the former capital of the Selcuk empire—where the earliest traditions of weaving can be traced back to. Today, the area is still a key producer of rugs in Turkey.

Material Details

Hemp is one of the most durable natural fibers out there. Turkish artisans crafted pure hemp rugs up until the ‘60s—when cannabis production became illegal. Because of the ban, hemp kilims are incredibly hard to come by. In this instance, Anatolian symbols woven from wool have been hand-embroidered into the hemp base.

How to Style This Rug

Add an accent with petite rugs up to 3’ x 5’.





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