Brown Rugs

Frequently made with undyed, natural wool, brown rugs are an easy and sophisticated neutral. They add an earthiness to your space, subtly enhancing the surrounding palette.

More about Brown Rugs

Brown rugs are extremely versatile and elegant, whether small or large. This yarn was originally made by using undyed brown sheep wool, which was rarer than white wool. Brown rugs also can be achieved through a variety of types of natural dye, like sumac leaves, walnut hulls, carbon, or even the roots of an iris flower. Brown is such an easy color to style because it's at once modern and traditional and fits with just about anything. Brown area rugs are naturally refined, which makes them ideal in living rooms or dining rooms, or high traffic areas, because (added bonus) they also hide dirt or wine spills better than any other color. Brown Persian rugs are also excellent for living rooms or dining rooms, as their classic designs never go out of style. Shag or Moroccan rugs are a nice way to incorporate a lively texture and celebrate the beauty of the natural wool without overwhelming your room with color, since brown rugs feel inherently balanced and grounded. Brown runners are super striking and add a chic element to a hallway, entryway, or kitchen. You can find a brown rug that will look good with any style of decor, from classic to contemporary to bohemian to a mix of all three. These rugs also look good with many different color schemes: able to hold their own against bright colorful decor or complement a more neutral palette. They truly look good with any color, including more brown! Finding a brown vintage rug can be tricky, since they can sometimes fade to gray over time and after sun exposure, but if you look for vintage rugs made with natural brown wool you might have better luck. Our favorites are a mix of brown with other colors, because the brown accents add a really nice line to it, defining the color better. Brown is incorporated in some of our favorite geometric designs and motifs as well: stripes, checkerboard, and pictoral.