Pink Rugs

From light to bright, we have pink rugs across the spectrum

More about Pink Rugs

Pink rugs are surprisingly versatile and elegant, whether small or large. These pieces become pink thanks to variety of types of dye, like madder, lichen and even avocados! Some vintage pink rugs were originally red, and have faded over years of sun exposure. Pink, it turns out, is an easy color to style, from light to dark, because it's at once modern and traditional and thus fits with just about anything. In fact, pink is such a staple color and so easy to design around that it's allegedly considered "the navy blue" of India. We like using pink area rugs in kids' rooms or nursery's because they're playful! But these rugs are also naturally sophisticated, especially darker shades, like magenta or dusty rose, which makes them ideal in living or dining rooms. Persian rugs in pink work well for living rooms or dining rooms, as their classic designs were once in the palaces of kings and queens, so they add a regal air to any room they land in. Whereas pale shades like millennial pink, blush pink, or baby pink can feel very sweet and calming - which means they're especially nice in a bedroom, or serene for a study. Brighter shades of pink like bubblegum or fuschia, or rugs with wild constructions like shag rugs or vintage Moroccan rugs are perfect for adding a witty or insoucient vibe to your room. These are good in playrooms, kids' rooms, studies, or anywhere you need a dash of eclectic design. You can find a pink rug that will look good with any style of decor, from classic to contemporary to bohemian to a mix of all three. Pink rugs also look good with many different color schemes: able to hold their own against bright colorful decor, or complement a more neutral palette.