Bedroom Rugs

Step onto something soft every morning. From fluffy to flatwoven, queen to king, our bedroom rugs are guaranteed to add comfort to your space. Placement and size can vary, but generally you want to position your bedroom rug so it's the first thing you touch when you get out of bed. This can be accomplished with a runner on each side of the bed, or one large area rug underneath it.
Bedroom Rugs

More about Bedroom Rugs

What type of rug is best for the bedroom? At Revival, we believe the best type of rug for the bedroom is a soft one. A bedroom rug is the first thing your feet will touch in the morning, and the ground that you'll pad across at night as you wind down and prepare for sleep. Comfort and serenity is key here. The coziest rug in your house should definitely be in the bedroom. Plus, this is the room where you are least likely to be wearing shoes, and thus, least worried about tracking dirt in. As such, we like light-colored plush or shag rugs for the bedroom, like big fluffy clouds for your feet. That said, we also like kilims in the bedroom, since they're elegant and understated.  

Where Should You Place Your Rug in a Bedroom? Rug placement in bedrooms is really fun! If you have one large bed in the bedroom - like a king or a queen - and you plan to buy a bigger bedroom rug, you'll want to place it under at least the bottom two-thirds of the bed. Your bedroom rug should extend 3 feet or so around the sides and foot of your bed—so your feet always land on something soft. If your room is spacious, you can choose a rug that extends the entire length of the bed, and is large enough to hold the top of the bed and nightstands.  Or you can get creative, and place matching (or mismatching) runners on either side of the bed—perhaps even along the foot. For bedrooms with one or two twin beds, consider placing a runner to the side or between them. If you're lucky enough to have a spacious walk-in closet, another nice idea for bedroom rugs is getting an extra runner or small rug for your closet! We like choosing something really fun and colorful and soft here - since it's sort of like a private, secret rug just for you and your clothes.


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