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The Materials

We use felted premium New Zealand wool for softness, European wool for body, and cotton to achieve a dynamic texture for the hand and eye.

The Design

Our loose riff on kindercore (and Memphis before it), Beep Beep is a playful collection of flatweaves, designed to bring levity & movement to your home.

The Weaving House

We partnered with a small, family-run company who put their flatweave expertise to use on majestic looms made of hundred-year-old timber.

Construction Secrets

Two noteworthy techniques make this collection extra-luxe

Felted Wool

The weft of Fast and Slow is made of felted premium New Zealand wool. To felt wool, you wash and agitate the fibers so they shrink, resulting in a tight weave that is more resistant to fraying and moisture.

Warp Variations

The warp of Ready, Stop, and Go alternates with two sizes and types of yarn— smaller cotton and larger wool—which adds movement, vertical stripes, and a chunky effect.