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The Design

Refined and minimalist pieces with classic stripes and grounded colors. Handan brings a fresh design perspective to ancient Anatolian motifs by using rich textures together and pushing the boundaries of materials and technique.

The Materials

To reduce environmental impact and create long-lasting products, Handan Loomworks relies on plant-dyed wool instead of chemicals.

The Weaving

Turkish knot and kilim techniques are used together in almost every piece. This is an original approach, rarely used in traditional handweaving.

About The Production Process

“We collaborate with craftswomen who have traditionally woven in their villages for years, like my grandmother, a former weaver. Our mission is to contribute to female employment, within the framework of ethical production principles, in order to keep this craft alive.“
Handan Özcan, founder of Handan Loomworks

“Our goal is to offer a new experience through our designs, and take a stance against the uniform products which result from mass production. We aim to reduce petroleum-based raw materials by using plant-dyed wool in all of our weaves. As an advocate for conscious consumerism, we produce a limited number of each product.”

Handan Özcan, founder of Handan Loomworks