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The Material

We used recycled cotton denim for sturdiness, longevity, and looks. In these pieces, textile remnants which would have ordinarily languished in a landfill are given a new life.

The Design

Handwoven flatweaves of recycled denim, these pieces lay beautifully on the floor—like your best-fitting pair of jeans. The similarities don’t stop there: these rugs are machine washable, too.

The Weaving House

Our partner is a 40-year old company who uses by-hand techniques whenever possible. Their goal is to create sustainable and durable pieces which will last you a lifetime.

Fun Fact
A 5'x8' rug contains about 10-12 pairs of recycled jeans, an excess of production from the garment industry that’s transformed into yarn for hand-weaving.

Strauss Washable Rugs

From $189

Wrangler Washable Rugs

From $189

Bootcut Washable Rugs

From $109

Stonewash Washable Rugs

From $109