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6' x 10" to 8' x 10"

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How to Deep Clean Large Area Rugs?

It's one thing to clean large floor rugs, it's another to give that rug a good deep clean. The most common method is to rent one of those rug-cleaning machines, but those are often better suited for carpet as they can be very aggressive and perhaps a little too strong for some types of materials and weave patterns.

So if you would rather not use the machine, you can still give your area rug a deep clean by using a number of different solutions that favor natural ingredients over harsh chemicals. Many of these can be made at home from simple household items you likely already have in the closet or under the sink.

Baking soda, white vinegar, and salt are all extremely effective at giving your area rug the kind of deep clean to remove harmful germs and foul odors. Essential oils can be useful for deodorizing the rug if you haven't had a chance to clean it for months.

How to Clean Large Rubber Backed Rugs?

A large rug that sports a rubber backing must still be properly cared for and maintained. But you must take precautions not to damage it in the process, particularly the rubber portion.

Only use oxygen-based bleach products, do not use a chlorine bleach as that could result in the rubber peeling or flaking off, badly damaging your large area rug. As for cleaning the rug itself, follow the directions on the product as to the amount needed to get the job done right.

Lysol or pine oil can be used to disinfect a washable rug that has a rubber backing and do not use heat to dry or iron a rubber-backed rug. Always rely on plenty of airflow to ensure that your rubber-backed rug looks great after cleaning.

Large Rugs

Owning a large area rug means taking on the responsibility of caring for the rug to keep it looking, feeling, and smelling fresh. Yet due to their size, large area rugs can be a challenge to clean and preserve for the life of the material.

When it comes to big rugs for living room use, you're putting your area rug in one of the busiest and most popular rooms of the home. That means a lot of foot traffic and potentially more spills and accidents – especially if you have pets or children.

Keep Off with Shoes

A great solution for preventing dirt and grime from getting into your large area rug is to avoid walking across it with your shoes. Your shoes walk around in all kinds of terrain and environments that are teeming with dirt, germs, and bacteria. Each step you take in your shoes transports all that grime from the outdoors into your home and your area rug.

This goes for your children and pets too. Sticky hands and dirty paws should be monitored and cleaned before allowing them near large living room rugs. Taking these precautionary measures can help avoid a mess before it happens.

Pick Up Germs and Bacteria

Vacuum the rug. That is one of the most effective methods for picking up the contaminants and germs that can get stuck inside the rug. Depending on how much foot traffic the rug might see in any given week, you can decide on how often you should perform the task. The average time between vacuuming sessions should be roughly once a week.

How to Clean Large Area Rugs?

There are a few things to keep in mind when you're trying to maintain the condition of large floor rugs.

Don't Let the Stain Set

The first thing to remember is – always pick up a mess or a spill immediately after it happens. The longer you allow the spilled liquid or dropped substance to remain on the rug, the more likely the rug will stain.

When you do pick up the mess, always remember to blot. Do NOT wipe. Blotting lets you absorb the moisture from the surface without pushing it further into the material. That's how a stain can set in.