Gray Rugs

Handwoven options in every shade from charcoal to silver

More about Gray Rugs

Gray rugs are extremely versatile and elegant, whether small or large. Originally made by using undyed sheep wool, as weavers would spin together natural white yarns and natural black yarns, and by combining these two shades the yarn would read as gray. Gray rugs also can be acheived through a variety of types of natural dye, like sumac leaves, walnut hulls, carbon, or even the roots of an iris flower. Gray is an easy color to style, from light to dark, because it's at once modern and traditional and fits with just about anything. Gray rugs are naturally refined, especially darker shades, like slate or charcoal, which makes deep gray area rugs ideal in living rooms or dining rooms, or high traffic areas, because (added bonus) they also hide dirt or wine spills well. Persian rugs in gray shades are also excellent for living rooms or dining rooms, as their classic designs never go out of style. Whereas paler hues like silvery or soft gray can feel very sweet and calming - which means they're especially nice in a bedroom, or serene for a study. Shag or Moroccan rugs are a nice way to incorporate a lively texture and celebrate the beauty of the natural wool without overwhelming your room with color, since gray rugs feel inherently balanced. You can find a gray rug that will look good with any style of decor, from classic to contemporary to bohemian to a mix of all three. These pieces look good with many different color schemes: able to hold their own against bright colorful decor, or complement a more neutral palette. Gray rugs also work really well in monochrome rooms, as gray comes in so many different subtle and harmonious shades.