Jute Rugs

Finely woven, fairly priced. Our jute rugs come in every shape, size and color.

More about Jute Rugs

A natural fiber jute area rug is also extremely versatile and durable as a basic top layer. You won't have to get rid of it when you move apartments, or buy a mansion, or get sick of your furniture, or switch your style from modern to transitional. It looks good with everything. What these woven pieces have in common is they’re all neutral enough in design and color to look great in most rooms of the home. A jute rug is perfect for the bedroom, living room, or kitchen — anywhere where floors are bare or a space needs an upgrade.

Our jute rugs come across the size and shape spectrum (entry rugs, large rugs, jute runner rugs, rectangle, circle, and square rugs) on our online store and fit into any indoor space. We don’t recommend using them outdoors, but we do have a wide selection of outdoor rugs made of recycled PET. We don’t often have our jute rugs on sale and we don’t usually discount them, because they already have such a competitive price. With all Revival rugs, free shipping and hassle free returns in the United States is our policy.  

Our Hart jute rug is an area rug we’re very proud of. It’s received hundreds of 5-star reviews and it is the top selling product on our website, selling just as quickly as our Turkish vintage rugs. Getting to the exact right weave and color was tricky. Many artisans told us it was impossible to weave jute as thinly as we wanted to. When we found a partner who was willing to experiment, we ran into another problem: the finer the weave, the more expensive the rug. We began to understand WHY it "wasn't done"—it can be wildly pricey! But we were able to strike a happy medium with our weaving partner. We decided upon a flatweave that was fine enough to eradicate wide grooves that you see in braided jute rugs, and affordable enough that we could feel good about selling it. The beauty of Hart is it's as finely-woven as possible without being cost-prohibitive. Essentially, it's the sweet spot between quality and price. This was very, very intentional on our part, because aesthetically it's subtle and refined, but also, thanks to its finer weave, it sheds less and collects less dust in the area between grooves. It is also easier to vacuum than your standard chunky jute rug.