Runner Rugs & Hallway Rugs

More about Runner Rugs & Hallway Rugs

Runner rugs were some of the earliest rugs, made by nomadic weavers on hand-looms which they could carry on their backs as they moved from place to place. They would attach one long runner to another when they needed a wider piece. You can find these vintage wider runners often amongst panel kilims by Turkish nomads, or Moroccan vintage pieces as well. 

Today, runner rugs are excellent in hallways, closets, kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and stair landings. Whether you're choosing runner rugs for hallways or kitchen runner rugs, try to select something that picks up on the color and style in rooms nearby. For example, if your living room has coral accents and your dining room carpet has eggplant touches, you can look for a runner that either features both of those colors or is a hue that compliments both of them, tying both rooms together as you move from one to the other. 

But a runner rug is truly a place where you can express your exuberance - a brief, ecstatic interlude through the journey that is your home. We like mixing runner styles throughout a house: vintage with contemporary, Moroccan with Oriental, Turkish with Indian, flatweave with shag, hand-knotted and jute. Bonus points if you can keep these all in the same "world", that is, if they have complimentary motifs or color schemes. If you have a long hallway, you can even mix them in one space, one after the other!

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