Machine Washable Area Rugs & Runners

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More about Machine Washable Area Rugs & Runners

Our machine washable line, Recess, is our first foray into this category. This was the culmination of more than a year of product development. We gave our design team a tall task: create an elevated collection that’s machine washable, organic, has a lower price and is higher quality than synthetic, washable rugs on the market. 

The initial reviews we received from customers and press outlets were extremely encouraging, since our team put so much effort into our washable line. Apartment Therapy rated it the best washable rug in the United States. To quote the article, “vintage rug purveyor Revival Rugs recently launched its Recess collection of washable rugs, which quickly made it to the top of our list as the best washable rug on the market. As is expected from Revival, these washable rugs are luxurious and design-forward without costing an arm and a leg.” Our rugs were also top rated by Domino: “It looks like a piece I’d bring into my home before I had to worry about kid and pet stains…no compromise here, in any way. A 10 out of 10. Game changer.” 

Our handmade washable selection is much better for the environment than synthetic alternatives. Unfortunately, micro plastics from polyester washable rugs can shed in the washing machine and enter into our water system, which carries human and aquatic animal health risks. With our organic cotton washable rugs, we actually save water in production and there is a positive carbon impact with organic cotton emitting 46% less C02 than regular cotton. Organic cotton fibers retain their inherent strength and organic cotton farmers don’t use any pesticides. 

Our machine washable area rugs are extremely versatile. We sell them in multiple sizes: traditional area rug sizes as well as machine washable runner rugs. As a result our washable rugs fit most rooms and decor styles. We consider our washable area rugs to be washable kitchen rugs, washable bathroom rugs, washable entryway rugs, washable kids rugs, and washable kitchen rugs. While we don’t consider them washable outdoor rugs, they’re perfect for high-traffic spaces that could experience a spill here and there from the kids and pets we love.

When it's time for a deeper clean, we recommend to machine wash your rug on delicate with 1 TBSP of gentle detergent, line dry afterwards, and iron if you wish. For size 6x9 and above, we recommend using a 60-lb washing machine—the large kind you find at a laundromat—rather than a home washing machine, which is usually 20-25 lbs. Line dry afterwards. If your rug is heavily soiled, we suggest you dry clean it instead of wash.

As with most non-synthetic textiles, natural fiber and color softening will occur after washing. We prefer this lived-in look, but if it's not your thing, we recommend dry cleaning.

Like with all Revival rugs, our washable rugs have free shipping and hassle free returns in the United States.

What makes a rug machine washable?

Washable area rugs are some of the most sought-after products on our website. They combine style and utility in one remarkable floor covering that fits in any room of your home. Manufactured from stain-resistant materials that are easily cleaned in any standard washing machine, these rugs provide wide-ranging versatility and convenience to match any lifestyle.

So what is the secret that gives washable rugs an advantage over other types of rugs? And are all rugs machine washable?

The answer to both these questions lies with the materials used in the manufacturing process. Revival washable rugs like the Recess Collection are made from 100% organic cotton which is durable, lightweight, and leaves behind a far smaller carbon footprint than traditional cotton when farmed and harvested. No chemicals are utilized in the processing phase of this material, which means the end product lasts longer. Best of all, organic cotton uses fewer resources for care and maintenance than regular cotton and increases in strength over time.

Why choose a washable rug?

There are many benefits to washable indoor rugs. If you have children or pets, you can all but guarantee that your rug will experience at least one or two (but likely far more) spills and messes over the course of its lifetime. When that happens, you don't need to get on your hands and knees to start scrubbing, or call an expensive carpet cleaner to eliminate the mess. Just pick up the rug and toss it into your washing machine.

Maybe you don't have children or pets but you live in a big household and your home has more than a couple high-traffic areas. You may decide to get yourself some round washable rugs for the rooms that see a lot of foot traffic from day to day. Some washable entryway rugs can make cleaning your floor coverings in the busiest thoroughfares of your home a cinch, as increased levels of foot traffic can be rough on rugs and carpets.

Dirt, dust, and other contaminants not only increase the level of germs in the home but also physically damage the fibers of the rug. Machine washable area rugs fit easily into most standard washing machines, so getting those rugs clean and healthy takes very little effort. Think about the time, cost, and inconvenience of having rugs and carpets professionally cleaned by technicians lugging around heavy, loud equipment.

Washable area rugs from Revival need no professional cleaning services. Just pick your rug up off the floor and place it in the wash for a fresh new look and feel.

Are washable rugs better?

That all depends on your point of view. But we believe that washable area rugs combine aesthetics and convenience in one total package. However, you do want to keep a few things in mind as you decide on the rug that fits your home best. Washable bathroom rugs and machine washable runner rugs can be spot cleaned when needed but these high-traffic areas of the home will usually require a deeper clean from time to time, usually every three to six months, to preserve the look and feel of the rug fibers.

Machine washing your rug should be done on the delicate setting with just a small amount of mild detergent. For larger rugs, it's recommended that you clean them with an industrial-size machine that you would normally find at your local laundromat. Finally, you can also have your rug dry cleaned if you prefer. Many of our customers will do this to reduce the impacts of a machine on washable area rugs. Organic cotton will start to demonstrate some fading of color with repeated washes. This is perfectly normal and considered one of the many benefits of this type of rug. If you would rather avoid this kind of wear and tear, dry cleaning is probably the better option.