Norman Flatweave Rug



Rug Description

Made by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques in Mirzapur, India. Limited quantities.

Natural inconsistencies and slight variations in size are inherent to these unique, handcrafted rugs.

Rug Type:
  • Flatweave Rugs

    Reversible rugs without pile, also known as kilims, made by hand-weaving horizontal weft yarns through vertical warp yarns

  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

Main Color:
  • Beige, Cream

Rug Details

  • Weft is 100% semi-worsted wool
  • Warp is 92% New Zealand wool and 8% recycled polyester
  • Flatweave (3-4mm thick)
  • 1” hand-tied fringe
  • Color palette: warm vanilla beige, cadmium red, prussian blue, inky black

Curator's Notes

  • A minimalist, midcentury design with art deco elements
  • Artisanal and tribal, geometric designs feature angular edges and simple shapes—like diamonds, squares, lattices, and stylized animals
  • Stripes—a clean and timeless classic
  • Abrash adds visual depth and texture in its variation of color and tone
Material Details

New Zealand wool is a premium wool beloved for its softness and long fibers. Like all wools, it has a hydrophobic layer which repels dust and dirt, as well as lanolin, which provides its trademark luster and protects the fiber from breaking or shedding. It's woven onto wool and recycled polyester for added durability.

Our partner, located outside of Delhi, was founded in 1939 and today is one of the largest rug makers in India. Both Fair Trade and Goodweave certified, their unparalleled quality, expertise, and sense of artistry make them a popular choice for many higher-end brands around the world.

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