Hand-tufted Wool Rug, Cream - Cant - Revival™



Cant Hand-tufted Shag Rug

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Rug Description

High-pile wool rug

Rug Type:
  • Hand-tufted Rugs

    Pile rugs woven by pulling or shooting loops of yarn through a backing material, which are trimmed for a smooth cut-pile finish

  • New

    Recently woven and never used in a home

Rug Details

  • 100% wool with cotton backing
  • High pile (.6” or 15 mm thick)
  • As with all hand-knotted plush pile rugs, expect shedding in the first few months
  • Color palette: bone beige, smokey gray, dove gray, goldenrod yellow, mustard yellow, spiced pumpkin orange
  • Slight variations in size due to handmade nature

Curator's Notes

The Collection

Soft and simple contemporary rugs, the Ladder Collection is truly striking in person. Our design team played into the linear quality of the weave with simple border designs, allowing the yarn’s colorful abrash to shine. Rugs with design details along their kilim or selvedge edges (the long sides, not the top and bottom) are perfect for dining rooms, because if you put a table in the middle, the edge detail still shines. Woven with a hand-tufting technique which creates distinct horizontal lines, these rugs are inspired by Roland Fischer's photo series 'Facades', which studies the graphic patterns that emerge on the front of skyscrapers when viewed closely.

The Design

These pieces have a dappled off-white field bordered by simple linework on the long edges. Cant’s ruler-like design features alternating lines of various sizes.

The Material

Wool is a stalwart rug fiber, and has been since the first weavers. Warm, soft, and strong, it has a hydrophobic layer which repels dust and dirt, as well as lanolin, which provides its trademark luster and protects the fiber from breaking or shedding. In this piece, it’s hand-tufted onto a cotton foundation for durability.

The Maker

Our Good Weave-certified partner began 15 years ago in Mirzapur, India. Prizing honesty, transparency, and ethical practices, they’re passionate about the rugs they create, guaranteeing high quality and innovation.

The Designer

Our in-house, all-star design team works across Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Mumbai. Starting with the weave itself, they determine the collection material, technique, and mood. When designs are finalized, they conduct an extensive sampling process, perfecting each style and hue before it goes to production.

Care Instructions

  • Clean regularly with a non-rotary, low powered vacuum, preferably without a beater brush
  • Rotate your rug on occasion to ensure even wear over time
  • Keep away from excessive moisture
  • Do not dry clean or steam clean
  • Professional cleaning recommended as needed
  • In case of spills, use a paper towel or cloth to blot the liquid. Add some clean water sparingly to the spot to dilute the stain (or wet a paper towel or cloth) and blot. If the stain is persistent, try using a mild detergent. Repeat this process until the stain is removed.

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