Overdyed Rugs

Selected for their patterns, overdyed rugs are vintage pieces which retain their original visual structure. Our artisan partners use dye to update a faded or outdated color scheme to a more monotone, on-trend palette, reviving durable hand-knotted rugs into freshly overdyed area rugs. 

Overdyed Rugs

More about Overdyed Rugs

What are Overdyed Rugs?  

Overdyed rugs are the result of taking vintage rugs and repurposing them with a step-by-step process in which the rug is first bleached, then redyed for extra color saturation, and finally put through a particular dying procedure that gives the rug its colorfully bold and vibrant aesthetic. Many overdyed rugs are traditional Oriental rugs that have been given a new lease on life, but other styles of rug can be overdyed as well. It's a great way to turn an old tired rug into a new modern centerpiece for any room. 

How are Overdyed Rugs Made? 

The process for over-dyeing vintage rugs can be a simple or complicated process, depending upon the desired aesthetic. Sometimes the rugs are first given a distressed look by shearing the material and flattening the pile down to make it appear the rug has seen years of consistent wear and tear. The next step is to desaturate the rug to leech it of all the color, which is accomplished through a series of chemical baths and exposure to the sun: like sunbathing. If done correctly, the pattern of the rug is still visible, but as little more than an outline. 

Next comes the dyeing process. This is performed with the end result in mind as it may take multiple cycles to achieve the exact shade and hue desired. Some overdyed rugs may appear pale and faded, other overdyed rugs can be dyed many times to get a darker, richer color. The dye may even be applied at certain areas of the rug to get many different shades of the same color or the entire rug can be dyed a single color throughout. After the dyeing cycles are finished, the rug is then laundered to lock the color into the fabric, a procedure that will preserve the rug's aesthetic for years to come.

Finally, the rug is washed and rinsed which is done to remove any excess dye. The rug is then dried and treated to protect the surface from additional wear and tear.

The appeal of overdyed rugs is their rich, monochrome appearance and resilience. The entire process for making overdyed rugs not only gives the product a brand new look but also revitalizes the overall quality as well.

Our Favorite Rugs

We have a lot of favorite rugs here at Revival, but there are some types of rugs we come back to again and again. Jute rugs, for instance, for their color, texture, and strength, and their easy flexibility. Plus, jute is an eco-conscious crop, so these rugs are good for the planet. We also love washable rugs: our Recess collection of rugs is designed to be thrown in the washing machine. Runners (sometimes you’ll hear people call these “runner rugs”) are probably our most favorite size of rugs: thanks to their slimmer size, you can put them everywhere—and they’re more affordable, too.