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The Design

K’era Morgan of k-apostrophe designed four textured, flowing, dream-like collages, inspired by (and named for) aerial views of water.

The Materials

A mix of spun and recycled cotton is soft, durable, and environmentally conscious. Breathable and warm, like your favorite fall sweater.

The Weaving House

This family-run weaving mill in North Carolina specializes in translating artwork into artisan textiles, and prioritizes keeping handicraft arts alive.

On Her Art Practice

“I wanted to do something tactile. Homes are people’s sanctuaries and if there is something I can do to add to that, great. I usually try to get to my studio in the morning, when it’s quiet. If I’ve had any dreams, they’re top of mind. “

K’era / Artist of K-Apostrophe

About The Weaving Process

“We take 8 colors and our artisans create weave structures from them. They’re the best of the best in terms of technical designers; and classically trained in Flemish jacquard weaving. Work can be nice you know - it comes down to the person-to-person element. We don’t sweat every nickel.”

Robert / Vice President of The Mill