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We’re always seeking furniture which complements our rugs. So we made our own. We’re starting small: a refined collection of sculptural, simple pieces in which form and materials harmonize.

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  • Because a beautiful table shouldn’t cost a month’s rent, either.

Reinterpreting Global Classics

By operating in-country we’ve been given unique exposure to furniture designers and makers — from artists, to artisan co-ops, to large houses who make items for luxury brands. We collaborated with designers like Istanbul’s Gizem Yuce to revitalize iconic designs from all over the world.

Designed to Last

Like our rugs, we were seeking functional art you could live with for years to come. The pieces in this collection possess classic lines, long shelf lives, and high-quality materials. For example, finished leather will age naturally, becoming more supple and luxurious after years of use.

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